Monday, April 19, 2010

So, has FACEBOOK overtaken our lives????

I pondered this question after Mark played a cruel April Fool’s joke on me. Actually April Fool’s came and went without much ado. I had to work that night, as did Mark. In the morning I came home and climbed into bed. I began having very real, very horrific dreams about my son Logan. I woke up shaking the dream was so real. I tried to call Logan, but his phone just rang and rang. I came downstairs and told Mark about my dream- he thinks I am crazy when I tell him about my dreams, and today was no different. Mark told me he was going to wash my bike, so I thought I would try to sleep for a little while longer.

When I got upstairs, I saw that I had missed a phone call from Logan. I called him back and told him about my dream. He too laughed it off, saying ‘You women’...and went on to tell me how his wife and I have weird dreams. Logan then proceeded to ask me if I was ok, and I told him I was fine, tired. He said really? Then he told me he was going to call me the night before to check on me, but for some reason didn’t. He then said - well, you re handling this better than I would have thought. I asked him what he was talking about- and he replied that Mark and I had broken up. Not knowing where he heard that info, I asked him what he was talking about....Logan replied that Mark had changed his status on Facebook to ‘single’.

Needless to say, I went through many emotions quickly after I checked my page and saw that Mark’s name was gone. I thought about going downstairs to confront Mark, but then I had a thought. If we were at an end, I would let him finish washing my bike- it would be the least he could do for me. I showered, got dressed, put on makeup and strolled downstairs.

Now you do have to know Mark, he can have a flat affect, show no emotion- the PERFECT poker face. He also has a very wicked sense of humor. I asked him if there was anything wrong, anything we needed to talk about....he said no, everything was good. As we continued to talk, he knew I was on to something, and finally after seeing my eyes on the verge of crying, he said APRIL FOOL........

I asked him to fix it back, and he said he would- but it was only after a discussion we had. A few days before we had been having a very deep philosophical discussion on marriage- I had brought up my belief that in the early Bible, no one went to a courthouse and paid a tax to be married, that they pledged their love to each other in the face of God. I had also said that I didn’t need a piece of paper from a county, city or state to prove my feelings for him. I told him I felt that God knew how I felt about him, and that we were together as a couple, with no outside interests. It continued on for about an hour or so with both of us expressing opinions.

So, getting back to Facebook, I asked him to fix the relationship status, and he said this....’ You don’t need a certificate to prove that we are together, but you need a Facebook comment’. It took me aback for a second, but I acknowledged that yes, I needed and wanted that comment on my Facebook page. I admit I am insecure and I like having the Facebook world know that I am with this wonderful man- (Read.....Ladies, keep your hands off my man!!!)

Then I really started thinking- we announce everything on Facebook- marriages, divorces, births, deaths, accomplishments and defeats. We post our lives for all to see, photos, status comments, videos that have something to do with our lives. We add friends- some who are truly close friends and families, and some to enhance our online experience. We have Facebook send updates to our mobile devices, and we check the Facebook site several times a day. Some play games - Farmville, Mafia Wars, Poker for hours on end......... So it made me wonder, has Facebook taken over our lives?


Teri said...

It's so funny you posted this tonight. I just an extremely long lecture from Jeff about me being on the computer so much. But when I asked him what he wants me to do when he's sitting there watching sports or some other thing he had no answer. I guess I'm just supposed to sit there and stare at him.