Friday, April 16, 2010

Things that make you go hmmmmmm

Well, as most of my friends know, I had some surgery, and after a verrrrrry long 3 and 1/2 weeks, I got to go back to work- which was a blessing and great medicine. I love what I do, and I enjoy sharing with you all strange observations.

Obviously I am still a little stiff and sore, so I move like an old woman. My boss graciously allowed me all triage shifts so even tho I would be up and down, I really wouldnt have to lift, push and pull pts. (You know- where you go and answer questions about your complaint, give your history and meds- yada yada yadaa)

Monday I looked really ROUGH- a grown man came in to the ER about 10 AM, signed in and I called him into my office. He noted the way I moved and asked if I were ok. I explained I was experiencing discomfort as I had just had abdominal surgery. I then asked him to tell me about his cold symptoms and why he needed to be seen in the ER. He looked fairly sheepish and said, ’Ya know- maybe I should just go to the Dr’s. office instead’ Gee, ya think?

Tuesday was a day to end all days for me- I have done emergency medicine for 25 years, and have seen alot- but this one took the cake. Young mom comes in with dental pain. Now, I want you to picture how you look and act if you have a bad toothache. This chick comes in with her very inquisitive and active 2 year old. It was obvious that this person had no ailment, but rather was choosing to obtain narcotics from the doc in the ER. As I triaged her, she jerked her child up by the arm, then startred to flick him and tell him to shut up. My inner self was beginning to boil. When she yanked him up and slapped his thigh with an open hand- I said, In my best bitch tone- "Excuse me, but you WILL NOT HIT that child again in front of me.’ She tried to defend herself to no avail, I made my point and I made it crystal. While waiting to be called back for treatment, I observed her in the waiting room with her child. Being 2 he was full of wonder, and went to the chairs to look out the window- no biggie right? She jerked him up and open hand slapped this kid 3 times. Can you say Child Protective Services......Don’t hurt a defenseless child or old person in front of me....and forget the narcotics....ya aint gettin none!!!!

Last bet not least- the weirdest complaint was this 65 yr old man who came in and wanted to be circumcised, right there in the ER---- I explained that it is NOT an ER procedure, but he demanded on being seen.......and he left with everything he came with!

I am never at a loss for entertainment in the ER, that is for sure!


Teri said...

Ok Girlfriend, why don't I know about the surgery?