Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Allegations of crime

So today I had some down time at work- so I was catching up on the news- news of my current location, as well as news from areas I have lived before- Morristown, Knoxville, St.Pete-Tampa, and Summit. I don’t read every paper every day, but when I have time. An article caught my eye in the Jersey paper about a senseless murder in Summit.

Summit is not a violent town- more like a bedroom community for those who work in New York City- lots of traders, stock brokers and financial types. As a matter of fact, Jim Cramer of CNBC’s Mad Money is a Summit resident. Summit also has the distinction of having the most residents lost on 9/11. After the tragedy, cars parked around the train station were watched - and as they stayed in their parking slots- they were able to confirm missing residents.

Summit is a tree lined small American town with homes that start around 500 K for a cracker box and go up. Springfield Ave is the main road thru town, and wonderful little boutique shops line each side of the street. There are great restaurants and eateries, not to mention a kick ass nail salon- but I am drifting.

Recently, there was a man who worked in one of the local eateries- an undocumented man from south of the US border. He had worked there for a while, and was a valued member of the restaurant staff. He had gotten off work and walked thru town sitting down on a bench about halfway down the main street- the bench is in a wide alleyway that leads to a parking structure. As he sat there minding his own business- some wanna be teenage thugs decided he would be an easy target to beat- and that is what they did- 3 teenagers beat this man into a coma- for no good reason.

He was taken to Overlook Hospital- which is a nice community hospital in town. I worked there for about 2 years in the ER. Sadly, he didn’t do well- and I can only surmise he suffered a terrible head injury, and was on a ventilator. Three days later he died of his injuries.

The trash that hurt this man was caught- and initially it was thought that they had attacked this man for his paycheck- $650. The vermin insisted they did not take any money off him- they just beat him because he was there (at this point, must say- proud parents- PROUD). As his wife made her way to be by his side- and collected his belongings- she realized that his pay was missing. After it was determined the gangsta wannabes had not taken the money- attention was turned to the ER staff at Overlook. The Summit police did an investigation and it was determined that an ER nurse helped himself to the cash. This is someone I worked with nightly for 2 years- a great person, and a wonderful nurse. When I saw the name- I was shocked, and I still am. This person -IF GUILTY- threw away their education, career, livelihood and nursing license- over $650..... I can’t get my mind around this- because an agency shift in NJ would net a nurse $720 for 12 hours before taxes. I have to wonder if something has happened to this person- have they developed an addiction, a sickness, or was this person just tempted by a wad of cash?

I hope and pray that this nurse is innocent and that it all gets sorted out- but I am not there and I don’t know all the specifics- I do hear thru the grapevine that stretches from New Jersey to North Carolina that the accusations may be true and correct, and that makes me very sad.

Patients and families entrust many things to me- their health, their belongings, their valuables- Never would I think of taking anything- What I went thru to become a nurse is way to valuable- priceless as a matter of fact....and I could never betray the trust of my patient, their family, or my co-workers.


The Bipolar Diva said...

wow Karyn, that's horrible all the way around.

Karyn said...

Yes it is, and it breaks my heart not only for the man who violently lost his life, but for the nurse- I don't understand what would have made him do that.....