Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Saturday of accomplishments

Saturday morning ushered in a beautiful day- the sky was a brilliant Carolina blue, as it only can be in North Carolina. The temperature had not gotten to sizzling yet and there was a wonderful intermittent breeze. After breakfast, we were going to ride to Creedmoor, NC and join a poker run of sorts with the Granville County Chapter of the Concerned Bikers Association. This was an annual ride they have to honor the fallen riders from their group. The proceeds of the run were being donated to the Special Olympics of Granville County. Being soft when it comes to those with special needs I decided to go and join in my first ‘poker run’.

We took a leisurely ride north and ended up at the clubhouse about forty five minutes before the ride was to depart. As we approached their place- I remember Mark telling me they had a gravel drive, but it was ‘packed down’. You see- I have NEVER been good on gravel- in fact my first time on it, while I did not drop my bike, I came real close- so I have always been hesitant to go near gravel. I took a deep breath and entered the drive, taking my time and remembering that the clutch was my friend- if I pulled on it, then I could decrease my power without using the brake. I certainly did not want to drop my bike here in front of so many witnesses! I parked, locked up the bike and walked around- talking with a friend of Mark’s who had invited us.

I must admit- I didn’t look like I belonged- I had dressed for the hot day we were going to have- white tank, some cute Eddie Bauer cargo shorts with a Harley Davidson baseball shirt, along with my air conditioned Merrell trail shoes. (Before you all criticize- I choose to ride in shorts- I know the dangers of road rash- and I prefer that risk over that of heat stroke- I am also post menopausal- nuff said!)) The members of the CBA were all dresses in varying t shirts with the clubs logo, all with jeans on and black leather vests with all sorts of patches. I was beginning to swelter just looking at the leather. As Mark socialized, I checked us in, donated to the 50-50 and found some ice cold water. Soon it was time to get on the bikes and ride.

Mark cautioned me to just take it easy on the gravel and pay attention- We were about mid pack of roughly 60 bikes and I rode out of the parking area without a problem, It was really cool- pulling out onto the road- seeing a line of bikes stretched out in front of me, and then seeing the same in the rear view......

We made a few stops- the first at Munching Marvins in Berea NC, where not only was there a gravel parking lot again, but 2 other biker groups- again, I took my time and was able to negotiate the firmly packed gravel and park my bike. We took the time to grab something cold to drink and enjoy the air conditioning when we heard- ‘We are leaving’. Gulping down our drinks we started out the door- only to realize it was the Durham HOG group that was leaving- we returned to the cool to finish our drinks. We finally left and I pulled out of their parking lot sans problem.

The ride to stop 2 was short- maybe ten minutes and was a non de script little place that I can only describe as on the way to Roxboro- I am not sure it had a name- but I can say it had a gravel parking lot- a loose, unpacked, freshly dumped and spread gravel parking lot. I negotiated it like a pro, and we chilled for a little while before hopping back on to head to the third stop, which was a cute little place called Van’s- which is in Bahama, NC.
As we rode, I was beginning to pick places out, which was cool, because for the most part I had no clue where I was.

After the stop at Vans- the group was headed back to the CBA clubhouse for dinner and live music. We opted to part ways and head back down toward our neck of the woods- we said our goodbyes and watched the group head out.

As they left and I rode home- I reflected on the day and was pleased with the things I had accomplished-

I had ridden in my first large group run.
I rode and parked- SUCCESSFULLY- on gravel!

I didn’t drop my bike (See above)
I didn’t embarrass myself
So all in all- it was a really good day- and to top it off- I was in bed by 930 and SLEPT!

Now- on to Sunday.........


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That must really be a great achievement for you. Not letting yourself to be embarrassed in front of the people is satisfying.

plumbing said...

I am so happy seeing people have their achievements. Just keep doing good and for sure it will results to good and satisfying deeds. Congrats!