Friday, November 19, 2010

The Bi-costal Teri/Terry

So, I haven’t written a lot lately. Not that I haven’t had a lot to write about- but just was not in a place to get my thoughts down on paper. I have been in a very dark, down place- angry, no self esteem, no self confidence.

It took a phone call from a very good friend to remind me of who I am and and that I have value and something to offer the world.

I am actually very, very fortunate- I have two very good friends that I can talk to when things are good or bad, when I need a shoulder or someone to kick up my heels with. My friends are the bi-costal Terrys/Teris....and I am so blessed to have them as my friends.

On the Pacific coast, I have Teri- otherwise known as The Bipolar Diva . She is a strong, smart, funny, wonderful woman who makes me smile, laugh and cry with her. We met unconventionally- several years ago when ‘Myspace’ was the thing. I was searching through people with ‘Harley’ in their profile, and up popped Teri. We became Myspace buddies - but it was more than just that impersonal friendship. I remember having surgery and being miserable- stuck in bed, alone.....I posted something and the next thing I remember- Teri was on the phone. Over the years we have become closer- sharing our trials and tribulations. FInally, this past summer, I was able to take some time off for me, and I met Teri in person. She was a billion times more wonderful than I could have imagined. I had the most wonderful time at Chateau Worley- from playing with Lola to riding on her husbands bike along the Columbia River (Thanks Jeff!) to the family dinner- Teri and family made me belong, and I knew that I had made a ‘true’ friend.

On the East coast, I was lucky to have Terry- a co-worker in the ER I work in. She was always upbeat, matter of fact and fun to be around. I remember she came in one day and said she was going to buy a Harley...sure enough she did and we became fast friends. Terry became my riding buddy and sounding board- I will never forget walking into the staff meeting at work on my birthday- we were both dressed in black leather- I think we unnerved some people in the meeting- you would have thought we had ‘Hells Angels’ tattooed on the back of our jackets. Not only was Terry my riding and adult beverage buddy- but an incredible co-worker. (ALL my Baylor peeps were awesome!). I knew I could always count on Terry, and she knew I had her back. Her smile is infectious and can make anyone feel better.

One day Terry came in and mentioned she was looking at houses in the Outer Banks - I thought cool, vacation home. She corrected my assumption when she explained they would be relocating 4 hours due east. I was crushed....I finally had a friend close by and she was leaving me for the Outer Banks and the beach..... Several weeks ago, I took the 480 mile round trip ride to Kitty Hawk on my Harley with my other half. The ride was great, but getting to spend time with my friend was even better. We rode in a toy run, got hit by hail, watched football and shared laughs.

It’s funny how strangers become acquaintances, the acquaintances become friends, and friends become life long. I can’t wait to see both of them again. I wonder what would happen if I got all 3 of us hot Harley women together......


The Bipolar Diva said...

I, my dear, feel like the lucky one. You are one of my closest friends and I love you so much!