Monday, May 30, 2011


A beautiful Myrtle Beach morning gave rise to a beautiful day. We woke up and tried to decide what course to play. Tried to get on WickedStick, but tee times weren't working- so on to River Oaks. Jon mad a slight error in making our tee times for the next day- luckily the course could accomodate us and after filling up at the beverage station (hear JACK AND COKE!) we took off to play golf.-

NOW- I have to say this would be my first regulation 18 holes- I had played par 3's before- but never a true regulation course. You see, I wanted clubs for soooo long. I had grown up watching and appreciating the game, but despite my income, I was not allowed to purchase clubs- I know- red flag, red flag- Anyway- found a steal of a deal- and I bought clubs. I warned Jon I hadn't worked with my driver much- but he was patient.

I had the time of MY LIFE!!! I hit lousy- prob scored a 120 or more- but I Was in love- complete, passionate true love chasing a little white ball around a golf course. I hit some damn good shots, and some not so good ones, but unlike Jon- I didn't hit anything in the water, and I didn't lose any balls. In fact, I think I found some balls, in more ways than one-

We had a group of old men hot on our heels, got rained on and well, Jon scared me to death on the golf cart- but all in all the TIME OF MY LIFE. I can't wait to play again- So now, do I go to New York to play or do I get Jon to trek down here....Jon- get your ass on Amtrak, I need to play golf!