Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blogging at 32000 feet

SO the first leg of the trip is Charleston to Charlotte- Met up with Rob in the CHS airport and spent some time getting to know him- a dad with 4 kids, he has always wanted to do flight nursing- and now he will be working opposite of me. We had a typical southern hot summer bumpy ride to Charlotte. We landed and found are way to the D concourse and our gate. There we met up with Toyanna, who will be a flight medic commuting from Columbia- We opted to sit in one of the little restaurants until our flight was ready and get to know each other better.

Time passed quickly and it was time to board our flight- we all love our center seats! LOL! :) The flight is a bit bumpy and we are having to divert around a storm, but all in all, not bad. The meal service is in full swing- A cool $8 for either the fruit plate or the Italian sub- and damn, they just announced they are out of the fruit plate! Of course, now that the cart is to me, they are out of every damn thing - so it will be chocolate chip cookies and pretzel M and M's- they can make up for it with the beverage cart!

So, now it is time to pass the next 2 hours - guess I will be reading email, checking facebook and news- and I must say- my life is SO MUCH BETTER than it was six months ago-