Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I lost a friend and coworker yesterday. I am still stunned by the news. Merle Faucette was an awesome medic. He always put his patients first and made sure they received the care they deserved. He was passionate about his work. He also shared a love of Harley motorcycles, and when not on a call, I had caught him shining his chrome on more that one occasion. He and I would talk bikes for hours in the ED when time allowed.

Merle had just left work- and was enroute to Duke where his mom was quite ill. He was going to Durham to make her a DNR. On his way, an oncoming car crossed the center line, the driver asleep. The car hit Merle head-on, he never stood a chance. At that moment, heaven gained an angel, leaving friends far and wide to grieve the loss of such a gentle caring man. It is truly a sad day for my friends in Granville and Vance counties who worked with him closely- not to mention all those whose life he touched with a smile or kind word.

Ride free my friend, you are missed incredibly already.