Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Turning myself OFF

So today I did something I never do- I turned my phone off- yes OFF!. For so long I have always given of myself, and spread myself thin trying to make everyone happy. I finally realized that I wasn’t happy- and off it went.

I turned it on to nasty texts, rude voice messages, and one quite scathing email- but I just don’t really give a damn.

In the past 30 days I have moved to a new town and into a new condo, spent 10 days in Denver training for my dream job, another 6 days on the road, and have had very little down time.

I unfortunately have had some nasty crud for over a week- I have no voice, I am tired, I have a nasty cough and don’t sleep great. Instead of resting , my phone starts buzzing at 815- I mean really- is this necessary? I fall asleep in the afternoon which means that my mind and body require rest- but it isnt allowed- and God help me if I want to go to bed early. I am supposed to be on point 24/7.

Well, I am not.

I am human, I am me, and I am going to take care of myself and what I feel is important to me- and that would be getting myself back to feeling human, watching Zoey’s face light up when she sees something she likes, working on my bike, and being the best damn flight nurse I can be.....