Friday, August 26, 2011

Just a day at the office.......

I have the greatest job in the world. I am a nurse. I have been a nurse for 16 years and have worked in several specialties- I have been a critical care/ICU nurse, pediatric dialysis nurse and a nurse in the emergency department. Currently, I am in the best job of my life- I am a flight nurse. I have flown before both as a rotor wing (helicopter) nurse and a fixed wing long range transport nurse. I love what I do, because I make a difference.

As a flight nurse, I impact the patient, the family and the pre hospital providers who determine the need for rapid aeromedical transport with expert critical care delivery. Yesterday was like any other day at the office.....well, as much as my seat can be called my office. Yesterday, I got to make a difference.

Working with Junius, I always expect something- and sure enough- Lifenet 4, ‘The Quatro’ received a mission for Collenton County- our first scene call since opening our base. Collenton documented the call HERE- so click the link- check out a day in my world.


fredamans said...

Beautiful photos!