Saturday, August 27, 2011

The reality of being a flight nurse, part 2

When I first started working for Air Methods, I wrote a piece on the reality of being a flight nurse. I can remember how I felt as Dave O. described losing friends and co-workers after LifeNet 12 crashed in Tuscon.

Yesterday we lost LifeNet 2-2 in St. Joseph, Missouri. While I didn’t know any personally, I know quite a few people from surrounding bases, as we were all in Denver together, not to mention, at Air Methods, we are are a family.

This is the reality of flight medicine. And I would not trade what I do for anything.

Godspeed to the crew of LifeNet 2-2 and to the patient- my prayers and thoughts to the families.


Mike Golch said...

may God grant the families peace!

Karyn said...

Thanks Mike- it has been a sad day for not only the Air Methods family, but the entire Medevac system- a piece of each one of os goes with them.