Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Stealing...- 8/21 version

Taken from the guys over at Sunday Stealing

Cheers to all of us thieves!

1. If you could live in any other time period, which would you pick?

Probably the 50's and 60' was such a different time

2. What is your favorite topic to write on your blog other than a meme?

Personal experiences

3. What are some traits that you admire in a lover?

The ability to listen to me

4. Could you adjust to life in another country?

Very easily- when is the next flight to Malaga?

5. If you could study anything, what would it be?

There are so many things- right now history is big on the horizon

6. What is your favorite possession that cost less than $15?

Some earrings I bought in Denver

7. Which color do you wear most often?


8. What has been your “theme song”, or favorite song this summer?

Seether- Country Song

9. What's the most romantic thing that's ever been said to you?

More like what hasn't been said.....

10. What would be your dream birthday cake?

Orange cake with orange icing.......yum

11. What is the coolest thing you’ve ever done?

What I do everyday at work, fly in a helicopter to save lives and provide expert critical care to sick and injured patients-