Monday, August 15, 2011

Why I don't like nasty little kids

So it was a calm usual Saturday- I was on my way home, Faye and Zoey were going to come swimming at my condo pool. I stopped at the communal mailboxes to get whatever the USPS left for me that morning. I noticed two little boys on the old fashioned razor scooters just down the drive from the boxes. I don’t usually see kids out alone in my condo complex, so it took me for surprise. I heard a big crash and thought one of the kids had fallen, but didn’t hear the corresponding scream, so I figured everything was good. As I walked to my truck, I was watching said kids, and witnessed one take his scooter, shove it full force toward the row of garages and strike one, causing a dent in the garage door. By now I am thinking, who are these freaking hellions, and where the hell are their parents? They had noticed me getting into my truck, ‘Big Blue’ as I affectionately call her.- My 2008 Ford F150 crew cab.I watched in utter amazement as the little shit who had just slammed his scooter into the garage picked said offending instrument up, and shoved it as hard as he could at my truck.

The damn thing collided with the passenger rear door on my crew cab leaving an offending dent. Now for those of you who have never been around my truck, the outside is pristine, not dents, no dings, no scrapes, nothing, NADA! I love my truck, and I try to take very good care of her. I saw red and my blood freaking boiled.

I jumped out of the truck and ran around to where little shit was retrieving his scooter and beginning to cry hysterically. He better freakin cry, because if he were my child, I would have blistered his ass on the spot. I told him he better take me to his parents- He tried to run, but I said the thing that put fear into his heart- run off, I’ll have the cops find you- He screamed and cried all the way to his home where his namby pamby parents were. His sad excuse of a dad tried to bow up in my face- dude- not a good idea- No 'I’m sorry', 'we’ll fix it', nothing- just kept yelling in my face like it was my fault- and milk-toast momma- well, her excuse was ‘We have only lived here 2 weeks, they aren’t use to being around so many cars’ Mom, what kind of excuse is that? Does that mean in the residential area where you came from it was ok to damage personal property? Or now that they live in a condo situation since they don’t have their own yard, just go out and do what you want? And what happened to parental supervision? There was none of that going on- and certainly no discipline- momma told him what he did was ok- no- it freaking wasn’t ok- I paid a nice sum of money for my truck- and I want to keep it looking good.

It took my local officer in blue to get needed information for me to make a claim- so now I am off for estimates-

The little heathen better be glad it wasn’t my Harley........there is no telling what i might have done!