Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bike Week- or rather Bike 36 hours

Bike Week in Myrtle has been a long standing tradition since I bought my Sporty in 2005 , and this year was no different.

I had worked on Thursday for 24 hours, and I was anxious to get home and head to the beach- Of course wanting to get home quickly changed into running a couple of errands for work and having to stop at a friends home for a few.

I got home, showered, changed and packed the bike week essentials- rain gear, a change of clothes and a leather jacket- along with the phone charger and my makeup kit. I get everything loaded on the bike and jump on, iPod charged and connected, my Swarovski crystal do rag in place and hit the start button. click, then nothing. DAMN! I got out my handy dandy BOB BROGAN tool kit and commenced to taking my seat off. Chances are that the negative lead is loose and needs to be tightened with my 10 mm wrench. My son Logan, also known as HE MAN, had tightened the seat bolts to the point of no return. As I went back to try and break the bolts loose, I realize I have misplaced the torx wrench- in all of five minutes....DAMN....Off to Ace Hardware to get another torx wrench and a pair of jumper cables just in case. Right side finally popped finally! Yeah, just one to go. Jump to the left side- but the torx wrench head is sliding about in the bolt- seems that it was rounded off when the bolt was tightened. Urgent phone calls to Logan and Matt- try this, do that....finally Logan offered to check it out if I threw the bike in the trailer and brought it to the Air Force Base-

In trying to put the trailer on the hitch, the receiver would not sit on the ball correctly so that was a moot point. By now I was frustrated, cursing and fussing with tears on the horizon. Luckily my fire guy called and in his even level headed calm sense helped me calm down . Then in my best SUPERWOMAN self- I jerked up the right half of the seat, tightened the negative battery cable and was back. Mind you- this took several hours.

So now, I am on the road-

75 miles to Suck Bang Blow and the Beaver Bar.......seafood at the Dead Dog and plans to meet all sorts of Aeromedical peeps. As I am tooling up 17 jamming to some of my best ‘Biker Bitch’ tunes, I feel something hit my leg and go into the grass. I turn around and look for what went flying off, but to no avail. By this time- I really didn’t care! (I found out later that night it was the emblem off the left side of my tank DAMN!) I jumped back on the bike and kept heading for Murrell’s Inlet. I pulled in about 345 pm....and as I pulled in was met with the usual mecca of junk vendors, half naked beer tub girls , and South Carolina state troopers. I pulled in and locked up the bike. A few minutes later I was greeted by Uncle Ray Salmon, who was a sight for sore eyes.

Uncle Ray is a character- loves to ride almost more than life itself. When I lived in North Carolina, we would ride almost weekly, wonderful rides to no where. I remember listening to him rev his pipes and watching him rock back and forth on his bike. He always has a smile on his face, and loves to laugh. And he was so good to his momma. We sat in rocking chairs at the Beaver Bar and talked and caught up. While we sat there, a gentleman walked up, recognizing me from my photos- Marshall Porter and his very nice wife Mel came up and introduced themselves and we chatted for a few minutes. After they departed, Ray and I strolled around the two bars checking out bikes, he showed me his new beautiful Road King, and I showed him the new paint scheme and wheels on my bike. It was then I realized that my left riding boot had a blow out of the sole- DAMN! We decided to grab food and cruised down to the Dead Dog Saloon- one of my favorites in Murrells. We enjoyed more conversation, and then were joined by Mary Ann Melville, president of the Air Medical Memorial.

I had offered to bring her some info on the National Registry, and she rode out to pick it up. She brought me an awesome AMM shirt and we sat and chatted for a while. Ray had people he wanted to catch up on, so he left myself and Mary Ann to keep on talking. I learned a lot about the Air Medical Memorial from Dave Olvera in Denver, but Mary Ann was really giving me the whole lowdown. She told me about a planned golf tourney in Myrtle Beach next May, and I plan to be very active in helping her with the project. Winds started getting up and we thought we should probably head for our respective abodes. Thats when I realized I also had a sole blow out in my right boot- DAMN!

As I was riding toward Garden City, rain started to fall, light at first, but started getting harder and harder. As I made it onto 17, the skies opened and Tropical Storm “Fall Bike Week’ commenced. I pulled off into a gas station as thunder and lightning was popping all around me. I called to Charleston and he checked the weather- told me a nasty storm was hitting us (I KNEW that!) and that it was fast moving - I hung out with a cool group of peeps from Pennsylvania- and after about 15 minutes, the skies cleared and I continued on. I found my little hotel in Surfside and got checked in- Clothes hit the dryer and I grabbed a hot, hot bath.

After the clothes were dry, I headed back to Murrell’s Inlet to checkout REBEL SON at the Beaver Bar-

Yeah they are rude, crude and redneck, but so much fun to watch. I saw a few acquaintances and chatted , then listened to Lee and Rebel SOn play for a while. I headed back after about an hour and settled in for the night.

Saturday morning brought a beautiful blue sky although the temps were chilly. I cruised down to the local Harley shop- always have to check out Bike week shirts and the junk vendors- There was a boot tent, but had nothing that would fit my huge feet- DAMN! I strolled thru the tents, talked to the Condor guys and checked out the junk tents across from Harley. I spent some time sitting on the bench in front of Harley and just watching the world go by. I always loved to do that. It was about 830 when I realized that they never found a nurse to cover the day shift. I had offered to come in and do the 7pm to am slot- but when I heard that yes we had a medic and a pilot- I felt bad- so I offered to come in early. I said good bye to the beach and cruised back to Mt. Pleasant- locked the bike up, threw the luggage in the house and gathered my flight gear. And here I sit now, at Lifenet 4 hoping for a call- I need to fly.......