Thursday, October 20, 2011

This month's drama.......


Something women and especially teenage girls thrive on. consisting of any number of situations that have an easy solution, which would bring a fairly good outcome, but these girls choose another, shitty, bad way to deal with it, again consisting of backstabbing, blackmailing/gossiping/betraying their friends. it drives men and what i like to call "normal" girls nuts.

For years , I have had to put up with a horrible, unhappy person in my life- she is married to my ex , and therefore is a step parent to my two older sons. Nothing is ever easy with her- everything is an argument, a hassle, dramatic. For years I let her beat me down. It took a really smart, strong young lady to help me stand up to this cntrolling, manipulating, unhappy person.

We had planned to share costs and responsibility to fly a grandchild into the area for the holidays. I was trying to make my portion of the arrangements- All I asked was ‘What address do you have for me?” This is what I have had to go thru......

Alicia: Just realized u texted me earlier, sorry. I was at school until late last night and in macon all day today. Will look tomorrow in between classes. Its The condo that belongs to the air force guy...I can't remember... Not a big deal. If u didn't want your address given out, I am really sorry. Should have thought before I did it. Did not think it was a big deal.
As far as ains, I am fling her into NC on the 26th or 27th. Have not bought her ticket yet, I have been very busy with 4 classes in school and really just have not thought too much about it. I figured as we got closer we would fig it out. u said u
would have a better idea about your schedule as it got closer and would let me know what worked best for u...we are flexible after the 9th of whatever works best for u works for us.

ME: Alicia- its not that I don't want it given out- its that I have two addresses- a mailing address and a physical address - I want to make sure the correct one is used. To be honest- I don't recall giving you either, and can't find it in either text
Or email- so wondering what you have. Also- I work crazy hours and don't sleep great. I go to bed early since I get up at 430- blasting my phone at 330 with texts cuts into my sleep- so- if we could stick to normal waking hours- would appreciate it.

Alicia: Whatever, u did but who cares at this point. u gave to me the night before the girls went home. U were at work and the girls were trying to skype u while
they were skyping all the other grandparents. But whatever. Scott told me trying to make sure that u were apart of ainsley life would backfire on me. Tr
ying to do the right thing gets u no where. I promise I will not text again.

ME: Grow up, don't be so damn dramatic- all I asked was dont text at 330- I was sleeping- and I have to match the address that April has with the the ticket which is an unaccompanied minor regulation- I have no way to contact Ainsley because I have no contact information- and have never been given any- so I am trying to buy her ticket but can't because I can't get a straight answer

Alicia: Wow...ok. Well can't help u with that. April has your info so maybe she will email u back and give it to u. Going out of my way to help u have a relation
ship with Ainsley doesn't seem to be working for us, so maybe u can have better luck with her...
Next time you share notes with someone u should make sur
e u get all the notes. Especially the ones that pertain to u.
Hope your day gets brighter.

ME: You have not done a damn thing to help me stay in touch with Ainsley- I have no clue where she lives, no email or physical address nor a phone number- yea- that's going out of your way. You see it as you want to- cant manipulate the situation - and it is a beautiful bright sunny day here -

Alicia: Asked by april not to give he info out. We rearranged our lives for U to see them. I drove two hours for U not me I had her for 2 weeks! Who do u think forwards pics to u? Who do u think was going to bring them to your work to see u? Who brought her to meet u to go to stone mt even after Scott said no. So whatever...should have seen this coming.

Me; Scott didn't say shit- you like the if April wants me to know nothing- then why is she letting her come visit me? Spin it alicia- spin it- I don't have pictures- maybe one or two / as long as you have control- then you can limit my involvement- one day she will grow up

Alicia: Has nothing to with control. April was sending her to us and we were taking her to see u. Scott says a lot...think again on that...u spin that.

All because I asked what address she had for me--- These are actual texts.....There are many more - but not worth my energy- So- it will never stop and it will never change- and sadly, I won’t get to see my grand daughter- but one day she will grow up- I guess I should be happy she is out of the dysfunctional household.