Saturday, November 5, 2011

On being a cool biker chic

So today I decided to get my bike out and go for a ride. I have been really frustrated with it for a while- was having mechanical issues, got some rust on my new wheels,no one to ride with and a few other little incidental problems. I got so frustrated I wanted to sell the bike. I have always loved riding her- never a hiccup or a problem, and now it was like the sky was falling. I think one of the problem is she has a new BEAUTIFUL paint job. She used to be all black, and was my 'black beauty'. Now with her new look, she needs a new name- and I have no idea what to call her. (If you have suggestions, leave them on the comment link below)

So- I am riding to North Charleston- jamming to tunes from my iPod cruising up 526. I was listening to Machinehead by Bush, Singing along- Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out. breathe in breathe in breathe in-.... enjoying the music. The song ended and I was ready for another kick ass jamming tune. I could hear some music- not as loud as the last tune, and then all of a sudden I realized what I was listening to- the damn Alphabet song- you know- A-B-C-D-E-F-G.....I had downloaded some kiddie songs to my iPod for those times I have Zoey. A truck was in the lane to my right, and I could see him laughing as 'L M N O P' blared from my speakers- as if that wasn't enough, the next tune up on shuffle was 'The Itsy Bitsy Spider'. Thank goodness I hit the exit, and was able to change playlists!

So, back to my ride- it was a ride with a purpose- I was going to stand with the Patriot Guard Riders as we stood for RM1 Thomas Wiand,a vet who served in Korea and Vietnam. I was involved with the PGR back in North Carolina, but had not really been able to join up with the South Carolina group since I had moved. There was a good sized group assembled- I parked and joined them as they went over the plan for the service. I met a lot of really cool people and even got my 'Mission Accomplished' pin, which is now proudly attached to my leather jacket.

After the service I hit the local Hooters. Now I have been in a lot of Hooters restaurants in my life- but this one ranks as one of the worst. I know I am female, and I know I went in by myself, but I am still entitled to decent service. My feeling today was if you didn't have a penis, you didn't deserve service. Well- after I had something to eat- and I paid the check- the waitress shorted me on my change- so I let her keep that as her tip-

I jumped on my bike and heading out saw the local ice rink- the Carolina Ice Palace. I had to stop- I checked out the pro shop and then wandered on into the heart of the rink. I saw youth hockey teams coming in to play. Thats when I smelled it- the odor of a hockey locker room combined with sweaty hockey gear. It has to be one of the WORST smells in the world- but it brought back 14 ears of memories, schlepping my son from rink to rink, hearing 'Mom, can I have a new stick?', and freezing in the rink to watch the game. I thought about all the wonderful relationships that travel hockey brought to both me and Matt...... I really miss hockey weekends.

Finally I tore myself away and started the ride home. Since I was going to Logan and Faye's, I took 26 to 17 and headed across the Ravenel Bridge-

it was getting chilly, and the wind had picked up-It was time to roll on the throttle and get off the bridge. I delivered my bike safe and sound to Logan's house, putting her in the garage til the next time.........


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The Bipolar Diva said...

gosh K, you've had quite the day. I should have been with you!

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