Thursday, December 22, 2011

Delta- not the airline it once was......

So, I just came back from Las Vegas- and i was a great trip- I had never been to ‘Sin City’ before and it was so cool to see the lights, the hotels and the people. The purpose of my trip was to visit with my son Matt, who was refereeing a junior hockey tournament- We had a great time together- loved staying at the Stratosphere, but transport there and back was not all that.

I am an Atlanta girl- lived there 20 years. I drink Coke, love the Braves, and have always flown Delta. That is coming to a halt tho. My flight from Myrtle Beach to Atlanta was great. Myrtle Beach has a small airport, much like Charleston and is easy in and out- once I got to Atlanta, it was another story.

I had a two hour layover in Atlanta and while checking the seat map- wanted to change my seat to an exit row- there were a bunch of seats available according to As I arrived in the E concourse, there was a Delta service counter. I got into line to make my seat change request. There were 4 women working the counter and probably 10 people in line. One Delta rep had a cell phone to her ear talking to someone she referred to as ‘boo’, while she had a second phone to her other ear- and I can only presume she was on hold. The rep loudly announced she was going on a break and left the area. Rep #3 was trying to help someone and rep #4 was working the line trying to get people squared away. Finally I was up to the front of the line when rep #4, a woman named ‘Beverly H.’ as noted on her name tag , approached me. She asked sarcastically ‘What do you need?’.......excuse me? What happened to southern hospitality? What ever happened to customer service? What happened to DELTA?

I explained my request and the answer I received was ‘You are bothering me for that?’ I was shocked. I used to look at Delta, and their personnel as being the epitome of southern hospitality and graciousness. I didn’t know what to say- so I said, excuse me, isn’t this Delta service counter, isn’t this what you do? She responded by telling me she had ‘much more important things to do’, and that helping me change my seat was not one of them- she then told me get out of ‘her line’ so she could assist other passengers. What was I, chopped freaking liver?- I was a paying passenger. I asked to speak to her supervisor, when she told me she was the supervisor on the counter. There is always some one higher up- so I took her picture with my cell phone and went over to the bar- I figured a cocktail would calm me down, and I calmly called Delta’s number- which I have known by heart since age 15. I spoke with a very nice rep who not only wrote my complaint up, but assisted me in getting an exit row seat. The airborne portion of flight 65 was good, I sat next to a most pleasant older gentleman, with his wife right across the aisle. They called Vegas home and were able to tell me what to see and what was not really worth my time- especially since I was there for 4 days. We had a nice conversation enroute, and I even caught a little nap.

My time there was well spent- I saw the dancing waters at the Bellagio, the canals at the Venetian,

we went out to the Hoover Dam

and I took in miles of vistas from the top of the Stratosphere tower.

All too soon it was time to return to Charleston. I arrived at McCarran Intl. and dropped my rental car- (If you have never been to Vegas, they have the absolute BEST rental car set up- 5 stars!)

Again, I wanted to change my seat- I wanted a window so I could get pictures of the Grand Canyon and painted desert as we flew over. Checking I saw there were several open- I could have paid an extra $29 as they were considered ‘preferred’ seats, but the gate agent can change an assignment for free, if seats are available. As I approached the counter- I was informed our flight was running late- the inbound aircraft was late arriving, so our departure was going to be about 45 minutes late- not a biggie to me- I did have to make a connection, but knew if I didn’t, Delta would take care of it. What I did not expect was rude behavior again. At the Las Vegas counter was ‘Loren S.’- a very condescending, rude, attitude spewing man- (and I use that term very loosely). It was 1230, our flight was supposed to leave in 5 minutes, however due to the late departure, it was looking like a 115 departure. I requested to change my seat to a window seat- exit row preferred, but I would take anything available- Loren claimed he had not ‘taken control of the flight yet’. Dude- we are supposed to be leaving in 5 minutes- what kind of excuse is that? He told me to sit down - he would handle it later. After the inbound aircraft arrived- he handled upgrades- and kept announcing it would be a quick turn around to get us on our way- I heard others changing their seats, and went back to the podium to check on my request- again, I could see open seats on my seat map. A woman to my right was in the process of changing her set- so I figured I would be taken care of as well. Loren again told me to sit down as he wasn’t handling seat change requests ‘anytime soon’. I asked how the woman next to me was obtaining a new seat and he responded that it wasn’t my concern. The female gate agent made eye contact with me, as if to say ‘I’m sorry’- about 15 minutes later, as we are preparing to board the plane- Loren finally came over and thrust a boarding pass in my hand for a window seat. It was almost like he was attempting to make a grand gesture while still chastising me for making a seat change request.

I found my seat and was very fortunate in the fact that while it was a 3 seat row- there was no one in the middle. Again the airborne portion of Delta flight 64 was awesome- the flight attendants were very kind, accommodating and pleasant. We arrived in Atlanta and I had 28 minutes to make my flight- I was on the B concourse- had to get to C 39. I hate, Hate, HATE down escalators- always feel as if I will pitch forward and fall down the things- I somehow jumped on the down escalator, baggage and all- (probably because the thing was jammed full- if I fell the people would break my fall) and got down to the tram, over to the C concourse and to my gate in time-

I just hate to see what Delta has become- as I said- I used to think so much of Delta and their staff- I have flown them to many places and never had one iota of problem- but now I have more choices- and if I am going to be treated like this- I will go with someone who appreciates my business..........

And Delta- if you read this- my PNR was GC6DSA......


The Bipolar Diva said...

that sucks! I loved you snapped her pic with your phone! I really like the dancing fountains more than I thought I would and I totally forgot to tell you about the Hoover Dam...Damn!