Saturday, December 10, 2011

Partly Cloudy

It is a grey, overcast day in the Low Country, 15 days until Christmas. Somehow I cannot find the holiday spirit within myself- I feel as grey as the the day is. I have really been missing my mom and dad- just wish there was a way to talk to them face to face one more time. Wish that my life was completely settled and things were more normal- that is something only time can fix-

I wish that the people I am closest to could be here for the holidays- Yes, I have my 2 beautiful grand daughters, my son and his wonderful wife here, but there are several other people I wish were here. I miss Teri and Terry, and their respective families, I miss Matt and his warped sense of humor. I miss others too......

Hoping this funk passes quickly- hope the sun comes out tomorrow along with my normally happy disposition.