Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Monday Meme

I haven't written in a while- and I saw this- so I thought MAYBE it might get me going again....

Monday Meme
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1. What is your dream job?
My current job- I am a flight nurse with the 'largest provider of aeromedical transport' in the US. I LOVE my job- I know I make a difference, and that is why I became a nurse.

2. What fulfills you?
Hmmmmmm- good question- right now- I am not so sure- things are in transition, so ask me again in a few months.

3. What’s your greatest fear?
Spending my life alone.

4. What do you want more of in life?
Time. Confidence. Kindness.

5. What is your greatest accomplishment?
Wow- I have several- all my kids are grown, and on their own. No one is in jail, addicted to drugs or homeless. I taught them something right. My nursing degree, my paramedic degree.

6. What are you ashamed of?
Probably that I took a while to get to a good place- the 20's were hard and I wasted time .

7. What makes you sad?

Missing my mom and dad, people who take each other for granted, people who hurt others out of spite.

8. What’s the hardest thing you’ve experienced?
Losing my dad in a car accident on Christmas Eve- and becoming alone, having to grow up overnight.

9. What’s great about you?
I am a good person with a better heart.

10. Who are you?
I am a mom, a nurse/medic, a 'Nana', a Lady Harley rider, a golfer, a good person.

11. What/Who inspires you?
My friends Teri and Terry, my grandkids, my co workers on LifeNet 4, my pastor, Dave Ramsey, and the people on Pintrest.