Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I swiped this- yep I swiped it from Mary Ann and the Fallen Angels Golf Tourney- consider a donation for these heroes.

Maybe they flew your Grandma from the community hospital to the Cardiac Cath Lab at the City Hospital after her heart attack. Or your Dad to a specialty care facility after his stroke. Perhaps it was Prom night when your neighbor's kid was critically injured in a car crash and Life Flight flew her to the trauma center. Or a highly specialized Neonatal Transport Team transferred your new grand baby, struggling for life to the highest level Neonatal ICU in the area. You probably know someone whose life was saved by an Air Medical Transport Team.

Did you know that 358 of these Air Medical Crew Members, these community heroes never made it back home to their families? Would you like the opportunity to thank them? To honor their service & commitment to their community, to your community? Would you like to send a message to their families that you will "NEVER FORGET" what they did? Do you want to honor these Flight Nurses, Paramedics, Dooctors, Techs & Pilots? YOU CAN!

Please support the Air Medical Memorial & The Fallen Angels Charity Golf Tournament Benefiting The Air Medical Memorial. Find out about sponsorships and other ways to help at: