Sunday, May 20, 2012

On doing the right thing.

We just returned home after a few awesome days at Myrtle Beach for the 2012 ‘Cruisin the Coast’ bike rally. It is a favorite of ours- and we almost didn't make it this week due to a tummy ailment.

While there, we did the usual obligatory things- check out the vendor tents at Barefoot, visit the local Harley shop, people watch at the Beaver Bar and Suck Bang Blow , and take in our favorite bands- Rebel Son and Highway to Hell.

Two things happened that deal with doing the right thing.

The first happened Thursday night. Mark and I had parked our bikes side by side in one regulation parking space. We decided while going to dinner that we only wanted to take one bike. Since Marks is a bit bigger , we took his, leaving my bike locked and legally parked in the space.

On arriving home several hours later, it seemed some brainless idiot decided that he needed that space more than I did, and had parked his full size Dodge Caravan in the space- well, half in my space and against another car as well. How they got out of the car is beyond me, but in their quest to get out of the vehicle, the driver had opened his door and hit the right side of my bike- striking and bending up my peg. Did he leave a note or say ANYTHING? No- of course not- Thanks to the SC Highway patrol the offending ass is getting 2 tickets, one for improper parking and one for leaving the scene. Oh, and he has to replace my Kuryakyn pegs.

The second event took place Saturday- as we were shopping at Barefoot. For those of you who know me- I am a techno-geek. Always have to have the latest and greatest. I found a really cool ‘toy’ after we got some new chrome for my bike. ( I know- really- didn’t you think I could not add any more chrome to my ride?) I found some really cool sunglasses that take digital pics as well as video- the applications are endless- I can video my rides, my golf ball flight path, flights at work- (Only when NOT pt loaded! LOL) , concerts, the uses are truly endless. The woman at the booth and I had chatted about the device on Friday, and I returned on Saturday to purchase them. I filled out the warranty form, she showed me everything that came with, we chatted for a few more minutes, and then Mark and I left.

As we were packing our purchases away on the bikes, I went for my keys and found a thick wad of $20’s in my back pocket. Immediately I realized it was the money for my sunglasses- I had forgotten to pay her, and she had forgotten to ask as well. We got everything secured and quickly walked back over- Mark grabbed her and in his wry comedic way- told her we already had a problem with the glasses. She looked a bit shocked and I handed her the money- in the confusion of getting my purchase ready and trying to help another customer- she realized what happened.

We didn’t have to go back- I could have pocketed the money and said ‘Oh well’- her loss. But karma has a way of coming back to haunt those who don’t play by the rules. In the end, I hope Mark and I helped restore her faith in people. She wants me to send her some video- and we will happily oblige. It’s about doing whats right.