Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Seasons changing......

I was sitting on the sofa the other day when a realization of fall crossed my mind. As the air got cooler, the days shorter and the leaves turned colors, something was missing. It was the 4 AM wake ups, the ‘can you get my skates sharpened?’, the smell of Matt’s hockey bag in my car, and I felt sad. 

There are no more hockey practices, 6 AM games or driving hours to games or camp with home made cd’s blaring from the car speakers.

It really hit me that all my kids are all grown up- and doing wonderfully. Logan is a Loadmaster with the US Air Force, and the father to two of the most wonderful girls. Kent, while he has struggled has found a niche, and is also a great dad. Tiffany has found her way thru nursing school and is working hard, and Matty- well, he is a crew chief on a C-130 in the Air Force with a week or so more of deployment. He still stays active in hockey as a referee in the USHL.

I wish I could go back and watch Logan line up all his cars on the sofa at Er’s house (or jump to Double Dutch Bus in his crib), watch Kent’s face light up when a fire truck was near, put Tiffany in just one more pageant dress, and take Matt to just one more hockey game............


The Bipolar Diva said...

you're such a great mom. I love you!

Karyn said...

I don't know about great Teri- but one thing I knowis I love my kids, and they grew up way too fast!