Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I am spending tomorrow with a hero

Our nation has been built by heroes. I have 2 heroes in the USAF who stand up everyday for those who cannot- tomorrow I will ride for one who lost his life defending this country- many years ago, in the Korean War and is just now coming home. It is an honor and a privilege to escort him.

Ernest Grainger enlisted in the US Army at the age of 18, during the very end of WWII, just days after the Germans surrendered in May of 1945. He did his basic training at Ft. Jackson then went on to Ft Benning, Ga for jump school then joined Company C of the 511th Parachute Infantry Regiment. He soon joined the ranks of Company K, 3rd battalion, 21st Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Division.

The date was July 11th 1950, America’s first days of the Korean War. During the bloody battle of Chochiwon, after only 3 days in Korea, Sgt Ernest Grainger’s unit found themselves again under heavy enemy attack, as they fought insurmountable odds against them. Overpowered, out manned, taking extreme casualties during the chaos known as war, Sgt, Ernest Grainger was never heard from again. For years his family held on to the hope that he was one of the 230 captured & being held as a POW.

Flash forward to July of last year, as Korean officials were excavating some recently found grave sites of some of their soldiers, when they discovered the remains of two soldiers in US Army uniforms with several US military artifacts. Not until January of this year were those remains positively identified. It was finally confirmed what his family eventually grew to accept, that Sgt. Ernest Grainger was Killed in Action on that day, 63 years ago.

Sgt. Ernest Grainger was laid to rest on the battlefield where he fell on foreign soil over a half a century ago, but thankfully that is not his final resting place. The PGR & Rolling Thunder have been invited by the family to be there when he finally comes back to the country that he fought so gallantly for and gave his life in defense of so many years ago.

Welcome Home MSgt Ernest Grainger and Thank You for Your Sacrifice.


Lorna said...

Bravo to you for a job well done.