Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It has been 5 whole years!

I can’t believe it has been 5 years. It really seems like more of a lifetime. With all the ups and downs, tears and smiles, phone calls and texts, I can’t believe it is been 5 years since Teri Worley came into my life. It was a fluke really- Myspace was the big thing- and I was looking for people with one thing in common, a love for riding. Teri showed up in a search, and we soon became long distance buddies thru the social media site.

Not long after, Facebook was the way to go, and we both made the change. What started out as a casual friendship quickly became more. While it is roughly 2900 miles door to door, she really seemed closer. We shared trials and tribulations of family, the birth and medical adventure of Anna Grace, the ups and downs of my very dysfunctional relationship with Mark, celebrations of birthdays and graduations and talks about private torments.

I never really realized how close 2900 miles was until I was in bed with a major abdominal surgery. I was stuck in a bedroom, like a maiden in the tower- After several weeks , I was going crazy- I felt alone, depressed and was going stir crazy- and Teri read something I wrote and called. That conversation did more for my spirits and emotions than she will probably ever know.

It took a few years, but we finally got to meet in Oregon, and she was everything and more I had come to know. Bonus was the family- Jeff – who let me ride his Harley, Cole, Karli, and Michelle, Joshua, Michael, Nikki, Jeremiah, the grandkids, the corgi- It was like Instant family- just add water, and I never felt so accepted-

We may not talk every day, but we always know we are there for each other, whether it be for a shoulder to cry on, someone to vent with or just catch up on girl talk.

So here is to my good friend Teri- when you go out for your anniversary dinner- have and Tanq 10 for all the years you have been an awesome friend to me-


Lorna said...

Once ina while we get very very very lucky in making friends with someone so right. I'm glad you found Teri and that she found you. In my case, it is Jo from Manhattan.

The Bipolar Diva said...

you made me cry! I love you so very much! so much!

Karyn said...

Teri- I didn't mean to make you cry, but your friendship means the world to me- and I am so blessed to have you as my very good friend!