Friday, May 3, 2013

I need opinions

So- after a much needed nap after 18 holes of golf and 13 hours at work and a messed up sleep day- I had this brainstorm- well brain shower if you will. The Fern Blogs is really written about sensitive parts of my life- parents, friends, things that touch my heart.

My revelation was actually a blog about dating and social life  in your 50's- if you are single and 50. - Its hard- Not everything will be about my life personally- but rather humorous tidbits from friends and followers about dating and relationships as we get older- because as I remember- we were supposed to mate for life-  Its not reality, but I think I could make the trials and tribulations appear fun or different-

So what do you all think? Leave a comment below-


Lorna said...

I think it would be quite welcome. I hope that someone does the same for people even older, as am I.