Sunday, May 26, 2013

On meeting @SavingAbel

There are only a few bands I listen to religiously when I ride my Harley- my ‘Biker Bitch’ playlist if you will. On my playlist are a few songs by Theory of a Deadman , Seether, and Saving Abel. For some reason, these groups tend to allow me a chance to escape from the normal stresses of life. 

When I heard that Saving Abel was coming to the Music Farm in Charleston, I knew I had to go. One thing I have learned about music in Chucktown is they have concerts, then they have ‘shows’. This was going to be a show with room for maybe about 1500-2000- very small and intimate. Actually it was to be an acoustic show. I was really excited about the chance to enjoy their Front Porch Stomp tour. I saw on their Facebook page they were offering VIP passes- which a lot of bands have started doing to give fans an up close and personal view of the band- When they went on sale for Charleston, I had to grab one up- and on checking the site on show day- I was the only one- 

In the meantime, I dowloaded more of their music and discovered several new songs that totally rocked, including one that quickly made favorite status- ‘Miss America’. and it isn’t what you would think. It brought back memories of the months my son served in Qatar, and actually brought me to tears. 

Fast forward to concert day- I made it to the Music Farm, and after a slight delay due to noise ordinances- sound check started. I basically got my own private concert - and these guys do totally rock. 

After sound check, I got to meet them all- Jared, Mike, Jason, Scott, and Eric. What a great group of young men! We talked about how I listen to them on my bike- they were pretty surprised I was a Harley rider, and then we talked about Miss Ameica- and my two sons who proudly serve in the Air Force , and how their song truly touched me. 

I patiently waited for showtime- and finally it was time for Saving Abel! 

You can imagine my surprise when they played ‘Miss America’ and dedicated it to me and my sons- again they moved me to tears-  Jared came over and gave me a hug from the stage- what a sweet young man! The show totally rocked- and all too soon it was over- 

I will be a fan friend for life- Thanks guys for an awesome show!