Saturday, October 19, 2013

I miss...........

I miss

Going to Franklin St. on Saturday and cheering in the Heels
riding the back roads of North Carolina and Virginia on the Harleys
watching sports on tv, and commenting on plays, shots, calls
sitting at The Wooden Nickel and watching life go by
going to bike week, the Beaver Bar and Suck Bang Blow-


There are many things I don't miss-
they aren't worth mentioning

And things I am glad to have in my life

Sam and Zoey- especially when they run, grab my legs and scream 'NANA'
Sam and Renny, when they run up and look up at me and their eyes say 'MUMS'
seeing the water every day,
getting to play golf,
weather that allows me to ride all year,
the potential to have Matt move here,
a girlfriend who will let me make an ass out of myself at hockey games,
and a great job with great coworkers and awesome patients- (the docs arent bad either)

I guess what I have outweighs what I miss-