Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How I came to go to Sturgis!

Several months ago I made friends with an amazing guy- we would share war stories, trials and tribulations. We both loved to shag ( get your mind out f the gutter- it is a DANCE)- and quickly we became dance partners,
and began dating. It didn't take long for him to have my heart- (For those of you have read this blog- you know that my heart was shattered a few years ago- ) Anyway I digress-

So one Monday night as we were leaving the Summerville shag event, somehow the subject turned to motorcycles. It seems that Joe had ridden prior- and we all know me- Harley momma- we both were discussing our bucket list when Joe asked ‘You want to go to Sturgis?’ and a plan was hatched. While he was gone on his ship, I would pull things together, I still need a rain suit.

The map claimed 1800 miles one way, we found a campground- Joe BOUGHT a bike, yes bought a bike, we had a trailer- the only thing standing in my way was work- Joe and I decided we would rather spend time together and I left a job I liked a LOT, but was not in love with- Joe really is my heart- 

So on a hot muggy Friday, we packed my truck and trailer-
and at midnight- pulled out for our adventure. I can’t begin to describe the nerves in my stomach- would my truck be ok? would my trailer have a flat tire, would the bikes make it, did I make the right decision leaving my job- Holding hands with Joe as we traveled cross country made all my fears abate-

We cruised thru North Carolina- where I told him to never stop to buy gas, Tennessee, where we stopped in Knoxville - Go Vols, got thru Kentucky quickly and then into Illinios- land of cornfields and soybeans,  
( Yes I am a corn thief  then into Missouri where I got to see the arch and Busch Stadium.      

We made our way to Nebraska and the WORST storm I have ever been in (but missed seeing Sam) and finally to South Dakota., and then finally STURGIS!

So you know-  we camped in my trailer- and thank goodness- when it rained we stayed dry- had the cutest port a john- and could hear the concerts at the Buffalo Chip……

For the record- 
South Dakotians are the BEST- very honest, and accommodating people- 

The Full Throttle- is a shit hole that waters down their drinks- watch this year- bet you see Michael Ballard hollering about the storms, not being able to pay for the bar and Motley Crue not being able to play- 
Lamphere’s Campground is AWESOME- And Russ Lamphere and his wife- two of the finest people I have ever met- 

Yes we went to Bridal Veil falls, Mt Rushmore and Crazy Horse, as well as Rapid City, and I got to visit with Lynn Isenhour -

Oh,well .... gotta run- Joe is buying our new Street Glides……….
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