Friday, February 27, 2015

A long time coming

It seems like a life time ago I bought my first Harley- a 1200 Sportster in a beautiful shade of blue. I learned to ride again (after being told by ex mother in law that 'nice girls didn't ride') - I made friends, took her on the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Tail of the Dragon- It wasn't too long before I realized she was just not the right bike for me.

Enter the Softail Deluxe - I stumbled onto an incredible deal and bought  'Black Beauty' - a beautiful all black Deluxe with saddle bags. Slowly I made her my own- chrome and pipes, eventually paint, more chrome, and Led lighting- for 9 years she was my ride- 35000 miles were on her- incredible miles to wonderful places, Key West, Outer Banks, Williamsburg.....  Sadly, I outgrew her as well.

Now it is time to introduce 'Sunny' as my latest. She has been a long time in coming. A beautiful Harley Street glide in Chrome yellow pearl- I knew a while ago that I wanted a StreetGlide- they are beautiful bikes with a fairing , an entertainment system, technology and a smooth ride. They aren't cheap- so I hatched a plan and started working (Joe getting my dream bike in September didn't help- AND to add insult to injury he asked ME to pick the thing up). I have worked countless nights- taken care of the sickest of the sick, wiped more butts than I care to count, pushed IV meds and suctioned out an unknown number of trachs.- all this AFTER my full time day job and position as student. It all came to fruition when I picked my new ride up and brought it home.

Now I am just waiting for warmer weather and DRY weather so I can grab some seat time........