Sunday, October 4, 2015

Be a good neighbor

We are having a great series at Seacoast on ‘Like a good neighbor’. Charleston has gone thru quite a bit this year to show what kind of neighbors we are. Currently we are experiencing a weather phenomenon dumping tremendous amounts of rain on the LowCountry. I have been moving during the storm and finally am settled in my new place. This morning there was a lull in the rain and I took Sam the corgi for a much needed long walk around the Battery condos. 

As I came to the main intersection, I noticed there was some flooding, 4-5 inches deep. Cars were gingerly driving thru the water to get out the main gate. I brought Sam home and retrieved my camera to photograph the flooding. I was trying to be quick, because I wanted to make the 10 AM service at Seacoast. 

As I began photographing the scene, I realized the reason why it was flooded, the drainage grates were clogged with pine straw and leaves. The first grate was not to deep, and as I kicked away the debris, water began draining. 

I carefully waded out to the second grate with was a good four inches deep and started removing the debris over to landscaping. Quickly water began to swirl and drain, and within a few minutes, the flooded area was drained. 

An elderly gentleman approached in his car, and thanked me, and explained that he had been very wary to drive through the water. It wasn’t much, but it made life a little better  ( and safer) for my neighbors. 

So when I listened to Pastor Greg this morning, his message of ‘like a good neighbor’ really hit home. So today, wether you are having an emergency or it is just a normal day, be a great neighbor. 

PS: My camera time was off, coz I made it to Seacoast right at 10 AM!